Thursday, July 26, 2012

1871 Coorg Census

It appears from Dr. Moegling's book that on an official estimate made in 1839-40, there were at that time 17,096 Coorgs and 64,341 people of other castes in Coorg, or a total of 81,437. After the annexation of the country in 1834, the numbers considerably increased, and in 1854 Dr. Moegling estimates the Coorgs at 25,000, and the total population at 125,000 to 135,000. If these figures are reliable, they indicate an increase at the rate of 70 per cent in 14 years.

The total population of Coorg, according to the census taken on the night of the 14th November 1871, was 168,312, composed as follows -

The distribution by taluks is as follows –
The strength of the Hindu orders is as follows –

The following are the subdivisions and numbers of the Sudra castes –

Three classes of Wandering Tribes as follows –

Four classes of Wild Tribes as follows –

The following table shows the classification and distribution of Muslims –

The different classes of Christians are distributed as follows –

We can find details of the 2011 census at the following link –
Source: Mysore and Coorg, Vol. III by Lewis Rice

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